Narin Qala Resort, Şəki-otelin rəsmi saytı

The Naryn Gala Resort complex is located in a forest area located at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level. On the territory of the recreation area located in Sheki, the Kish River flows in the village of Kish. One of the differences of the Naryn Gala Resort recreation area is that it is located in a coniferous forest, of unique beauty. There are 21 cottages with all amenities located here. The cottages are one, two, three and four-room, equipped with modern equipment. Each cottage has a bath with cold and hot water, toiletries, a kitchen, a refrigerator, satellite TV channels, WiFi, an internal telephone. There is a parking lot next to the cottages. There are many different attractions and historical monuments in this region. For example, guests can see the ancient Albanian Temple in the village of Kish and the ruins of the ancient fortress "Gelersen - Gerersen".


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შესახლების რეგისტრაცია 14:00
გამოსახლების რეგისტრაცია 12:00

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